Ant Stanley


Technologist and Community Organiser Ant has been an early part of the Serverless movement, helping the community grow. Ant co-organised the first JeffConf in London, which grew to become ServerlessDays; part of the ServerlessDays Core Team, and runs the Serverless London User Group. Ant previously co-founded A Cloud Guru, and ran the first ServerlessConf in New York in 2016. His day job is building Senzo, a platform for classroom based training.

Talk: From Hollerith to Lambda: A Brief History of Serverless

From Herman Hollerith to the simple Lambda function. How the last 120 years of innovation has led us to the current Serverless world. This talk explores the macro trends of the last century, and dives deep into the last 4 years of how Serverless is being adopted across multiple industries. As this talk dives deeper, it looks at real world adoption of Serverless across multiple organisations, from small startups, to multi-nationals and government agencies, and what the drivers for adoption were. The talk aims to give context to where Serverless fits in the bigger picture, and where you would want to go Serverless or choose an alternative.

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