Ebru Cucen


Ebru has a focus on teams collaboration, product ideas, and enabling financial institutions to adapt and settle into the brave new world better. She is a technical reviewer of the book "Learning DevOps" published in Nov 2019. For the last two decades, she had multiple hats such as programmer, trainer, architect, scrum master, coach, as well as wife, mum, and doing her best to have a balanced, happy life. She loves learning, pushing boundaries, and would never say no to a glass of red wine or doing jigsaw puzzles with her 7yo son!

Talk: Power Up Your Operations With Serverless

As a DevOps architect/engineer, serverless has helped us a lot when we were building our secure, resilient, highly available cloud platform. This session is to share the use cases we have implemented with ease, and opening-up the conversations where serverless can be beneficial.

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