Farrah Campbell


After 10 years of working in healthcare management, a serendipitous 20-minute car ride with Kara Swisher inspired Farrah to make the jump into technology. She has worked at multiple startups in many different capacities, eventually working her way to being the Ecosystems Director for Stackery in Portland, Oregon. As the Stackery Ecosystems Director, Farrah has managed the Stackery relationship with AWS including Stackery as an Advanced Technology Partner, achieving the AWS DevOps Competency, a launch partner for Lambda Layers. Farrah has cultivated the serverless community as an organizer of Portland Serverless Days, the Portland Serverless Meetup, along with numerous serverless workshops and the Portland tech community events from Techfest to bringing multiple luminaries to Portland. She has been featured on The Cube, Faas and Furious, and in her spare time dabbles in IoT buttons and Lambdas.

Talk: Empowering Careers with Serverless

Serverless is a lot more than Lambda or Knative. Serverless is a mindset and increasingly, an approach to strategic innovation for enterprises. The technical aspects of serverless are important but above all, this sector of technology is a paradigm shift in engineering. In this talk, Farrah Campbell, Ecosystem Director at Stackery and AWS Serverless Hero, will share how adopting a “Serverless Mindset” empowers teams and people to overcome exciting technical challenges and superpower innovation. She’ll share real-world serverless stories like building Cloudformation 60x faster, how to migrate to cloud native with serverless, and how she open-sourced her first serverless project to serve the serverless community itself. Attendees will be encouraged to get out of the negative and limiting outlook that a particular technology is “hard” or “complex” and instead focus on the values and end goals with serverless as a case study. Furthermore, the audience will walk away feeling galvanized to try something new.

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