Josh Carlisle


I work with organizations to help realize the full potential for technology. As a trusted advisor I help executive and technology decision makers with some of their hardest decisions and have delivered on some of the most demanding challenges. As an engineer and architect, I’ve worked extensively with Microsoft enterprise technology stacks from my early professional days in the 90s working with C++ and Visual Basic, to the birth of .Net, to the extraordinary growth of the cloud and Microsoft Azure today. I have extensive experience designing, architecting, and building cloud native applications on Azure and helping organizations realize the full potential of the Azure Cloud Platform. I have a special focus area of Kubernetes and Serverless Platforms, especially Azure Functions.

Talk: Choosing a Serverless Monitoring Platform

How you monitor your Serverless workloads is one of the most crucial decisions you have to make when it comes to Serverless apps. Without a high level of visibility into your serverless workloads, you can fully expect to suffer from significant unexpected performance and availability issues whose root cause is difficult to find. Traditional monitoring methods are often cumbersome, fall short of expectations, or may not even work with Serverless! There are quite a few options available to apps today, ranging from cloud-native and serverless centric solutions to commercial and open-source enterprise monitoring platforms. The choices can seem daunting, and over-hyped marketing can give you a false sense of assurance. In this vendor-neutral talk, we will walk through the decision-making process and discuss vital considerations, common pitfalls, and tradeoffs with various approaches to monitoring serverless so you can make the best decision based on the needs of your serverless app.

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