Sia Ghassemi

Sia Ghassemi is not just a passionate software architect and Microsoft MVP for the category Azure, he is also the founder of sia-consulting limited, a company specialized in GDPR, dev-security and cloud-security. He is a frequent speaker and workshop-lead at different conferences throughout germany and canada.

Talk: Unleash the full power of Excel Spreadsheets with Azure Serverless

Thanks to the new Custom Functions for Excel, you can now connect your Spreadsheet to Azure. Where as fetching data from Azure Datastores in spreadsheets is a everyday feature, Custom Functions gives developers the power to move business logic out of a spreadsheet and into Azure to enable the best experience for Users. Use Azure Functions to host your business logic and Excel-formulas don’t have to change, when the algorithm changes. Use Azure SignalR Service to update a cell frequently, without any interaction. In this session you see how you can use Excel and Azure Serverless to bring the best Experience to Users.

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